Copernicus Group

Strong Local presence

The local footprint provides Copernicus Capital with the local advantage, knowledge and recognition, as a regular market presence is often increasingly important in NPL markets.

The increased complexity of the credit markets, the enhanced role of country specific expertise for good pricing decisions, and recognition of trusted partner status are the deciding factors in determining access and investment performance in non-core credit and NPL assets in Europe.

Access to Copernicus Group’ Southern-European sourcing network

Copernicus Capital leverages on the extensive experience and reputation of Copernicus Servicing as a Southern European market leading Special Servicer in Corporate and SME Real Estate backed NPLs and distressed/stressed Real Estate.

Integrated Platform

The complex nature of investing in European credit opportunities requires the whole spectrum of capacities offered by the Copernicus Group servicing platform.

Copernicus Group provides Copernicus Capital with access to a unique servicing platform with an integrated services offering for investing and managing NPLs in Southern Europe.

Rigorous and detailed underwriting approach

Copernicus Capital uses a rigorous approach when analyzing each potential investment. The senior team of Copernicus Capital has developed unique competencies and skills to analyze SME real estate secured NPL portfolios efficently and with great rigor.

Copernicus Capital regards the Copernicus Servicing Platform teams’ ability to source opportunities and conduct due diligence locally, bringing the local real estate and legal expertise.

Access to NPL Servicing

Copernicus Capital partners with Copernicus Servicing, one of Europe’s leading SME real estate secured NPL servicers, benefiting from the Southern European special servicing local infrastructure.

Alignment with Investors

The entire Copernicus Group, including Copernicus Capital, have an independent partnership model. This produces significant alignment of interests with all our clients.